Experience the Smooth Blending with Vitamix 7500

Mixing can be difficult with a regular blender as it wouldn’t be able to process many solid or frozen ingredients. But if you have a Vitamix blender, your blend will still be smooth and even. Vitamix offers its customers a wide range of professional mixers, thanks to which they can easily prepare exotic and delicious recipes. The blender we are reviewing today is part of the Vitamix G series and the model number is Vitamix 7500.

The Vitamix 7500 blender is a complete set for every home cook for making hot soups, purees, cocktails, juices and more. The blender is equipped with all the necessary functions you will need. Preparing the enchilada sauce is really easy with the Vitamix blender, because thanks to the powerful motor and the sharp blades, you can easily mix all the dried chili seeds and other ingredients smoothly and comfortably.

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The Vitamix 7500 blenders come with a 64 oz container that is wide and tall. This container is ideal for preparing large quantities of recipes that can be stored for later use. This container is made of a BPA free material, which ensures that the recipe you prepare in it does not contain any type of chemicals. In addition, the rubber cover of the mixer is made of high quality material and ensures that it will not leak for a long time.The general material used to make this mixer is of high quality to make it more durable. It can last 20 years if you use it carefully and with gentle hands. The base of the Vitamix 7500 motor has a wide structure, which makes it less dynamic and stable. The motor installed in the Vitamix 7500 has an output of 2.2 HP when supplied with 120V. This motor generates enough force to crush and crush every hard ingredient in a blender.

In addition, the mixer has 4 inch diameter blades, equipped with laser cutting and hammer mill technology, and is specially designed for cutting frozen fruits, vegetables, seeds, spices, snow and any hard ingredients. These blades blend ingredients smoothly and conveniently every time you use them. These blades are made from hardened stainless steel to ensure they will not rust when exposed to water.

The Vitamix 7500 blender has 10 variable speed settings so you can get the texture you want in any recipe. These variable speed regulators will come in handy when making soups and mash with a heart. You can adjust this speed by simply turning the knob on the motor base. Plus, this speed can be adjusted during mixing, giving you full control over your mix.

Additionally, Vitamix 7500 has a pulse function, so you can mix the ingredients by hand to get the texture you want by hand. Some home cooks may find this feature useful. The Vitamix blender also includes a recipe book where you will find many delicious recipes that you can prepare at home in this beautiful blender.

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